Memphis Jookin Master Classes with Daniel Price

Memphis Jookin Tutorials by DxP Instant Downloads

Memphis Jookin Tutorials by DxP Instant Downloads

Memphis Jookin Tutorials by DxP Instant DownloadsMemphis Jookin Tutorials by DxP Instant Downloads

Welcome To S.L.I.D.E. University of Jookin

Memphis Jookin Tutorials

Street Level Interactive Dance Edu-tainment (S.L.I.D.E) is a system of visual vocabulary used to interact with live dance lessons and general practice in freestyle. This page is here for you to get familiar with terminology visually as you read and understand The Jook. These video tutorials are for students to answer the question "What Is Jookin?"

If you are interested in learning how to Jook, it will take analyzing these videos and applying them to different musical rhythms related to the style. I am prepared to assist you when needed. Simply go to Booking, book a class and give me a call to set up your private class.

Master Class Prep

This section is to prepare you to get the most out of learning trade secrets from me in a live master class setting. We will replace choreography with mental vocabulary that drives your freestyle.

Bounce Note Concentrations Volume 1 | preview | 2020

Learn Memphis Jookin moves from Bounce Note Concentrations Volume 1. Full Tutorial available for Instant Download now

S.L.I.D.E. jookin Tutorial MIXTAPE #1 | 2013

Get a look at some basic move combinations and vocabulary in the Jookin style. It is important that you know these moves are available to you before taking courses with me.

S.L.I.D.E. Tutorial MIXTAPE #2 (2013)

Take a look at how I combine balance and rhythm by making dance moves from focused positions. Regarded by some viewers as one of the best tutorials on Youtube for Memphis Jookin.

practice moves from the jook book

This is a playlist of small moves that can be deciphered into book vocabulary terms from The Jook: First Edition. It was created to help users see how much of the body is being used to emphasize lower body intentions.