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A history of hip hop dance shoes and memphis jookin



In the world of Jookin, the Nike Brand has great precedence via various shoe styles and designs that compliment the special skills and mobility of the craft. Jookin and Nike both represent retrospective innovation.

Air Jordan


Though Jordan brand is Nike's little brother, it has made a huge mark on the history of style development in the Jookin culture.The Air Jordan shoe line is a major reason why the Toe Note in Jookin has been mastered in good health.

Reebok Classic


One of the original shoes of choice, the soft build of the Reebok Classic made it popular for sliding across the room like Michael Jackson. Though not very durable, Reebok Classics definitely provide great aesthetic value to a dancer's motion.



Arguably the most worn street dance shoe of all time, Adidas have afforded dancers a quality look and feel since the dawn of Hip Hop. Every Memphis born Jooker has had a pair of Adidas for their tip toes at some point in life.



Another legend of street dance shoes, Puma has been giving special powers to their users that dance for a few decades. With a wide variety of comfortable shoes, Puma will always have a hand in the Jookin community for newcomers and veterans.



Last but not least, Fila may be the original Memphis dance shoe. The brand had an enormous spike in popularity with the youth in the 1990's, spawning from the street corners and nightclubs where the Memphis Gangsta Walk was born.

Congratulations lil buck!!!! #TeamJORDAN

In 2017, Lil Buck became the first street dancer sign on as a Team Jordan member!

"I watched him (Lil Buck) literally become The King of American Street Dance Culture. I will always be proud and thankful for his achievements. They have been a great contribution to our world..... I have since tried my first pair of Retro Air Jordan I's and I can't take them off. They have graduated..... into my heart." -DP

take care of Your feet!!!!

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