Memphis Jookin Master Classes with Daniel Price

Memphis Jookin Tutorials by DxP Instant Downloads

Memphis Jookin Tutorials by DxP Instant Downloads

Memphis Jookin Tutorials by DxP Instant DownloadsMemphis Jookin Tutorials by DxP Instant Downloads

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Based on terms from The Jook Book, Memphis Jookin tutorials like Bounce Concentrations focuses on teaching you how to move to the beat while maintaining a constant rhythm. It's not like other dance lessons as there is more than just choreo and a little technique to learn. There is limitless creativity to consider as well.

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This is NOT some generic hip hop dance class where the teacher learned their dance moves, concepts and vocabulary online. I am the author of the way you can learn, think and dance with full clarity in freestyle. -DP

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The Definition of Jookin

What is important about my learning brand of Memphis Jookin?

Finding smooth grooves in the rhythmic motion to consistently create footwork combinations with precision, balance, and control throughout your entire body. All in your favorite sneakers.

Getting dance lessons has never been easier than our Memphis Jookin tutorials via Instant Download viewable in 1080 HD on any screen.