Memphis Jookin Master Classes with Daniel Price

Memphis Jookin Tutorials by DxP Instant Downloads

Memphis Jookin Tutorials by DxP Instant Downloads

Memphis Jookin Tutorials by DxP Instant DownloadsMemphis Jookin Tutorials by DxP Instant Downloads

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street level interactive dance edu-tanment


This is the most fully developed that MJG2G got to make it back in 2012. This has never been done before so don't laugh too hard. Still a long shot even today. It was almost close, but nothing close to what we have cooked up for the second installment in Buckjump Citi Technology.

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Memphis Jookin, LLC | Menfes Interactive,LLC

Memphis Jookin DP | The Greatest Of All Time

Daniel Price is a world reknowned street dancer known for the dance style Memphis Jookin. He has captured millions of viewers with his revolutionary glide style called Icing which combines the early era memphis Dance called Memphis Gangsta Walk and Memphis Jookin with a seemingly weightless illusion using full body control with the Slide and Glide footwork techniques.

His famous Crossosver Heel Swivel in 2007 is what catapulted his name into the best footwork conversations around the world of new urban street dance. In addition, he won over 25 feature battles with less than 10 losses and has the highest viewed Jookin videos before anyone. A walking classic. A talking legend. The King of his world, where many men crown themselves; however he is chosen.

A Legend's Story

Take an exclusive look into my life from start to the present as I chronicle years and circumstances that brought about the change you see.

Minor Success, Major Setback (ITS NOT ME)

Heavy Is The Head That Wears "The" Crown

In early 2010, Daniel finished his first book on the style compiling historical documents and personal experiences to give birth to an instructional manual for the style. His writings became The Jook Book which he attempted to transform into a video game. Facing legal issues, he could not acquire a pssport to the United Kingdom, where he would have recorded every single move from The Jook, the put some of it together. This would have created a dance move simulator featuring both of Memphis Jookin online's founding fathers. Daniel And G-Nerd. No Versus.

That never happened.

Instead, his efforts led to the development of an app by a foreign tech company that featured only a freestyle simulation of Terrance "G-Nerd" Smith in 2012. Daniel did not stop rethinking and organizing all the tools he created. Over the years, his translations of the book began to seamlessly form into the game's primary gameplay layout.

Almost Famous

A video from 2012, displaying the result of my efforts to virtually animate Jookin, Memphis Jookin AR Dancer, but the video game is still in dream phase....for now. Find out the heart breaking Real Story about why I didn't join G-Nerd and Jerone in the UK when you read Born To Be King this Fall. 

Here And Now To The Future

Flash Forward to 2018:

The Jook is reborn. Now formulated into a crowdfunding project, Daniel plans to market the book's content with all new digital interaction tools.

The Jook 2nd Edition willl enter a new age of Online Marketing for web literature with easy to use products & social media network structures made for human interaction.

By helping dancers to enhance their ability to create movement, The Jook Book's new attitude exudes the confidence and enthusiasm that dancers must achieve to be successful.

A Memphis Jookin video game is still a hopeful development by Universal Phoenix Group LLC and Menfes Interactive.  Memphis Jookin has an international influence that is larger than normal modern urban dance markets. Jookin has reached every style of dancer, just as our products will seek casual users. 

Daniel's belief is that inspiration comes from the soul, not a profession.