The deepest course menu in the history of the dance culture, breaking each minor and critical component down for any type of student. This is what the world has been waiting for. Each Chapter of The Jook has been merged into comprehensive workshops for YOUR style development, skill building and creativity enhancement.

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If you're not in town and booking a dance class with me, just drop me an email with your skype tag and I will start up a dialogue via Skype @Memphis Jookin DP. I also use Google Duo.  All major credit cards, PayPal and Apple Pay will be accepted for online aandnd offline classes.

S.L.I.D.E Tutorials

Head over to Pinterest to checkout the 2013 Edition of the S.L.I.D.E Shoe Guide.  This decade will bring  a new list of shoes for DP's shrine of all-time sliders, gliders, tip-toers.  In Street-Level Interactive Dance Edu-tainment webisodes, DP introduces basic ideas  that help you dance effortlessly with your body.


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career works

Memphis Jookin Vol. 1 by Jai Productions(2006)

Memphis Jookin Volume 1 by Jai Productions

My very first narration in the documentary that answered the worlds biggest question about Jookin while people were blowing up Jai's phone asking him...."Is that concrete they slidin' on?" This experience was full of adventure nd got the entire world of street dance inside our world of Jookin.

Memphis Movement: Jookin, The Urban Ballet by Ellis Fowler (2008)

Memphis Movement: Jookin, The Urban Ballet by Ellis Fowler (2008)

My second narration chronicles the history of Gangstawalk and the rise of Memphis Jookin as a nationally and globally known dance culture. It was a pleasure working with producer Ellis Fowler as he created an easy going storyline of a cultural dance uprising. The documentary includes interviews by legends and moguls of the culture in a story that leads to the highlight cultural event of the time. Watch the road to the Man of 1000 Moves Memphis Jookin World Championship where we witnessed the ascension of Charles "Lil Buck" Riley as the newest icon and cultural king.

Hurt Village by Katori Hall @SignatureTheater (2012) Manhattan, NYC

Hurt Village Jookin Rehearsal

Probably my favorite gig for life, I ended up not only teaching Gangstawalk choreography but also co-directing, assisting with Southern accent dialogue and hairdressing. This play production was about the last days of Hurt Village covering a family's history of struggle to survive in North Memphis. Everything turned out wonderful. One of the most successful production I have been a part of. A special thanks to the entire talented cast for the love you showed a "Memphis nigga like me. Ya hear me?" Hurt village featureed an entire vocabulary of Memphis Slang on a plasma screen at Signature Theater near Broadway.

Pharaohs of Memphis by Phoebe Driscoll and Ryan Haskett (2014)

Pharaohs of Memphis by Phoebe Driscoll and Ryan Haskett (2014)

My third narration was during the merger of Memphis Jookin culture and Subculture Royalty Dance Studio, Ryan Haskett teamed up with college film maker Phoebe Driscoll to revitalize the face of where Jookin has gone since the industrial boom of 2012.You get some upcoming stars of the culture as well as out of people that want to carry Tennessee culture across the nation.I enjoyed telling intimate stories about how I got where I was at that time.

Memphis Majic by Eddie Bailey (2018)

Memphis Majic

In my latest interview, I sat down with Memphis enthusiast and documentary Eddie Bailey at Minglewood Hall. This interview involved talks of understanding Memphis Jookin from a cultural anthropological point of view. Memphis Majic premiered in the Spring of 2018 at the historic Stax Museum in South Memphis.

The G-Force Video Time Capsule (2003-2008)

G-Force Memphis Jookin Time Capsule

The thing about Jookin is that it always gets better but good is always good as well. Everything I ever produced as a DVD to sell is in this machine. All the hits. All the raw footage classics. When you say time capsule, this is what you mean. One day when we pop that hard drive out with a good ole bucket of popcorn and a box of Honey Nut Cheerios, this website will be complete. The arrival of such access is still unknown because it's been broken for years. Sorry.

The Jook: ANCIENT Scrolls, 1st edition

Chapter 1: The Rhythm of Memphis Urban Dance

  • Origins of Hip Hop Dance
    • When MJ Did The Moonwalk
  • Origins of the G-Style

Chapter 1:

  • The Move vs. The Motion
  • Buckin’
  • Traditional Jookin’
  • Choppin
    • The Melting Pot Effect
  • Bounce Notes
    • Half Bounce
    • Quarter Bounce
    • Octo Bounce
    • Double Octo Bounce
  • Creativity & The Bounce

Chapter 2: Upper Body Management

  • Coordination & Balance
  • Head & Shoulders Expression
  • Head Motion
    • Head Lock
    • Neck Roll
    • Neck Throw
    • Turtle Neck
  • Shoulder Motion
    • Why
    • Collar Throw
    • Shoulder Roll
    • Shoulder Turn
    • Double Shoulder Drop
    • Single Shoulder Drop
  • Wings & Strings
    • Ballet Positions (Arms)
  • Wings: Balanced Jookin
    • Wings Positions
  • Strings: Puppet Jookin’
    • Pointers
    • Claws
    • Palms
    • Wings Create The Strings

Chapter 3: The Revelation of Memphis Jookin

  • Stepping Ahead
  • Leg Work
    • Knees
    • Plie: Ballet Vs. Jookin
    • Hips
    • Ankles
    • Toes
  • Foot Notes
    • Ballet Positions
  • GEARS: Moving Clocks
  • GEARS: Foot Notes
    • Whole Notes
    • Half Steps
  • Basic L-Step Positions
  • Stances
  • Buckump 101: The Origins of Memphis Urban Dance
    • Walksteps
    • Buckjumps
  • Rhythmic Mobility: Kickstands & Pacmans
    • Kickstands
    • Elevated Dancefloor
    • The Pacman
    • One Foot Pacman x2
    • Two Foot Pacman x2
  • Toe & Heel
    • Under The Bridge
    • Swivel
    • Heel Throw
    • Cross Swivel
    • About Swivels  
  • Push &Pull
    • Push Toe
    • Pull Toe
    • Heel Push
    • Heel Pull
  • The Slide Step
  • Toe & Heel Integration: Swivel
  • Steps
  • “S” Motion
    • The Surfboard
    • G-Nerd’s Heel Connector
    • DP Crossover Heel Swivel
  • Under Bridges
    • Under Bridge Pass
    • Under Bridge Cross
  • Classic Slides
    • Sidestep Pushtoe Slide
    • Frontstep Pushtoe Slide
    • Backstep Pushtoe Slide
  • Criss Cross Slides
    • Front Criss Cross Slide
    • Back Criss Cross Slide
  • The Evolution Of Memphis Urban Dance: Axis Formation
  • Glide Steps
    • 90* Quarter Glide Step
    • 180* Half Glide Step
    • 270* Three Quarter Glide Step
    • 360* Whole Glide Step
  • Introduction to Icing
  • Whips

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